Our Approach

Native Tongue has a unique focus and point of view on how to do the best work. We do three things very well: Communications/Media, Content, and Connectivity/DEA&I.

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Our proprietary Connate system allows us to take clients through the marketing communications process, including audience design to strategic innovation to tactical activation. Let us show you how we design, plan and buy your media, within our triple-certified systems.


Our Founder, Marissa Nance, is an icon in the world of branded entertainment and integrated partnerships. Her personal currency is made up of powerful vision married with direct relationships, to create one-of-a-kind bridges to the audiences you seek.


We have created our patented Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion process, IDEAL, to create a unique impact journey from internal workforce conversations to external consumer engagement. Making sure every purpose-driven
and equity-based path we start on the inside of your company, it the path we continue to follow on the outside.



We provide real-world purchase, visitation and behavioral data that enables connectivity to your current and future MICROcultural™ consumers.